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Profesor de Inglés en China

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My name is Yasmani Adolfo Peña Perez. I´m living in Cuba specifically in Granma province, Jiguani municipality. I´ve been a Cuban citizen since 1991, I was born on June 13, 1991, I´m 28 years old. Right now I´m a professor of English. I began to learn English since I was a kid; after the Junior High School I decided to become a professor of English. It all started in 2009 when I entered to the college. There, I began to prepare myself in different subjects to become a teacher of English from 2009-2015. I was at college getting ready to get my degree in Foreign Languages specifically in English; there I could develop the fourth language skills in English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, in that period of time I worked in different schools in Junior and Senior High Schools with more than 350 students from different ages obtaining good results in provincial and national contests. After 2015, I had to move to another city and began to work in a special school where there´s only one kinds of this school in each province here in Cuba, there are only 16 schools of this kind in the whole country. In this special school I worked with more than 230 students from 10th-12th grade. There I obtained good results in provincial and national contests too. Today many of those students got their own career to become future professionals also using the English language as a second language. Notwithstanding, in this school I worked as a trainer participating in national cups between the school of this kind. I´d worked in this school from August 2016-August 2019.

Nowadays, I´m teaching English to my friends at home, also I have 2 groups, one of them are FIFA´s referees here in Cuba, that wanted to learn English using the sporting vocabulary used in the soccer field and also to communicate with others. The second group I have are people from different ages. In this group I teach 4 different English levels: primary, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also, this group is nowadays in the intermediate level with a program named Practically Speaking English, where the students has the opportunity to communicate with others using grammatical structures, idiomatic phrases, grammatical tenses, among others. However, I´ve been working as an interpreter. Thank you for letting me share my experience as a teacher of English with all of you.

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